Jamie Fishback

The New Sheriff in Town



Broken: A Musical Suppporting CalTex Films
TOMB RAIDERS? Lara Croft vs Lara Croft Stunts dir. Michael Strat
Hitman's Eulogy Lead dir. Kyle Scully
Date Night Lead Sakana Productions
Before The Dawn Support dir. Michael Solomon
Brake Supporting Walking West Productions / Lightning Entertainment
Resurrection of Serious Rogers Lead dir. Angelo Bell
Burn Crisis Supporting Wingspan Pictures


Married With Secrets Lead Discovery: ID
MTV: Catfish Guest-Star Crital Shows
1000 Ways to Die Guest-Star Original Productions
Unusual Suspects Guest-Star LMNO Productions


Up for Adoption Co-Star BuzzFeed Studios
L33t Love Lead Sakana Productions
Daughters of Pop Co-Star Monadnock Productions
Sci-Flyers Lead dir. Justin Woychowski
Bullets.TV Lead dir. Ty Leisher
Cost of Capital Guest Star dir. Jorge Urbina
Elevator Guest-Star dir. Woody Tondorf


Production companies: Tool of North America, Mt. Vernon Entertainment, Pereira & O'Dell


Scene Study John Rosenfeld Studios
Scene Study Lesly Kahn
Improv Hothouse Improv
Audition Technique Margie Habor Studios

Special Skills

Pianist (Intermediate), Fencing, Volleyball, Dance (East/West coast swing, ballroom), Bicycling, Computer literate, Swimming, Stage combat, Sword fighting, Motorcyclist, Scuba certified


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